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About the First Nation Medical Board

The First Nation Medical Board (FNMB) was established to create a network of Indigenous Medicine (IM) providers for patients who are seeking optimal health and wellness from IM providers that prescribe natural products and treatments.


To this end, the FMNB licenses practitioners of indigenous medicine, which includes the practices of alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine.

The FNMB believes that the indigenous peoples of North America and around the world have a sovereign right to receive, preserve, and further the advancement of natural healing traditions. Tribal sovereignty is recognized and protected by the United States Constitution, legal precedent, treaties, as well as applicable principles of human rights.

The FNMB understands that drug science has made great strides over the past 200 years and is especially applicable to emergency acute care. It also recognizes that attending to proper nutrition, lifestyle habits, exercise, as well as mental and spiritual health, are just as important if not cumulatively more critical to preventative health and long-term safe and effective treatment of disease and illness. The FNMB believes that only by addressing the source of disease can optimal health and wellness be achieved.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum is a proudly licensed indigenous medicine orovider. As an international medical doctor and board-certified naturopathic physician, Dr. Nuzum is specifically designated a Certified Tribal Healer (CTH).