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In the course of unraveling the underlying causes of a chronic illness, it is essential to perform lab testing that will assist and guide Dr. Nuzum through this process. Here at Spirit Way Medicine Clinic, Dr. Nuzum has chosen specialized tests (many of which can be done in the comfort of your own home) that are designed to uncover other times overlooked things like nutritional deficiencies, mold and heavy metal toxicities, and hormone-disrupting environmental chemicals. Many of the tests that we offer are often different from those that are commonly performed in hospitals or Western medical clinics.

As Dr. Nuzum says, “Oftentimes you have to look in a different direction to find what you are looking for.” Just repeating the same tests over and over again doesn’t ensure that everything is being “checked”. These testing bundles are arranged in the manner in which Dr. Nuzum normally orders them, thus making it easy for you to make your choice and take the proper test at the proper time.

We offer these tests to Dr. Nuzum’s clients and to those that are about to have their initial appointment with Dr. Nuzum. This comprehensive approach to diagnostics is an essential part of identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness, and we are committed to supporting you on your journey to better health.